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1- The day of Knowledge and schooling of our school.The start of september 1-st:

2-  The company " Boch" and "Zigzag" store-net organized an event called "Green day at school" Mis. Soghomonyan the head of ed. department was present and the participents wewe the 5-th form puplis:

3-" chess-day" at our school:

Happy new year & Merry Christmas

5- A cermony devoted to 22-nd anniversary of Armenian Army:

6- We love our planet :

7- Eventat our school " tearntarach":

8-We are young Armenian - knowers competition during Armenian language month between 7-th form students:

9-Demonstrative-lesson devoted to " Sayat Nova" for the international day of Armenian language:

10-Event devoted to Armenian language "Eternal Traveler":

11-Travelling to English speaking countries:

12-Memorial event devoted to Vazgen Sargissyan's 55-th anniveisary, in which took part the consultant of Ministery of protection M. Sargissyan aunt of V. Sargissyan A. Melkonyan and many others :

13-Happy Easter-special celebration of the day:

14-The 1-4 form pupils athletic team took part in " National Assembly Cup" competition and won 3 golden and 1 silver medals:

15-Goodbye to ABC book:

16-Goodbye to Elementary school:

17-The collective team of school 194 participated in the final intelectual game from "history of Armenian church" subject and won the 1-st place:

18-"Funny summer" event by the 7-th form students initiative to thank the teachers:

19-The students of our school visited " Sos" children's village on 1-st of July the day of the Children's protection they celebrate the day with their dances and songs:

20-Event with the title " The Tumanyan's advice of eternity :

21-Say goodbye to the school: