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1- The day of Knowledge and schooling of our school.The start of september 1-st:

2- Due to 23-rd anniversary of independence of Artsagh, the director of the school Nune Manukyan was awarded with medal of Maternal Appreciation.

3-" Grandparents international holiday " was celebrated also in " Narek" elderly home.

4- Teacher's day congratulation and awarding at National Assembley

5- " Autumn celebration " event

6- " Song as bridge of relationship " festival devoted event at our school

7- The pupils of 1-4 forms from 194 school won the first class three and second class one awards during the cup games at the National Assembley

8- " Song as bridge of relationship " festival devoted event at our school

9- The strongest chess players are competing

10- " A " letter party

11- 3-rd form pupil Karen Petrosyan won the first prize in Kiokugi karate competition and was awarded with the cup of Armenian championship

12- Christmas well wishes in English by 3-rd form pupils

13- " Masha and the bear in the forest " Christmas puppet show which heros were the teachers of primary school

14- Christmas well wishes by 1-st form pupils

15- New year design in our school

Happy New Year & Merry Christmas

16- Happy Birthday Armenian Army, let your sunrises be peaeefull every day

17- " Have more victories " celebrity.

18- " Towards our God " custom has been celebrated at our school.

19- An event devoted to the day of " presenting Books ", authors are Taguhi Stepanyan and Alina Simonyan.

20- Our school celebtates the 150 anniversary of Zoravar Andranik. The event devoted to 150-th anniversary of Andranik Ozanyan went on in " Erablur " pantheon where the soul of patriotism was everywhere:

21- On 26-02-2015 a meeting with Grigor Danielyan (the ispector of children's department) and Ter Zgon priest:

22- Open-lesson " Kilikia Armenia"
The Armenians in Kilikia
The establishment of Rubinyan reign

23- " Paris with my eyes " an event devoted to franckophonie:

24- School was full of gaity. TO puplis of 5-9 forms got aguainted with the meaning of " Forget-me-not" then they made them:

25- By the initiative of the students council took place a competition of verser among the 6-7 form students.6 students won the prizes. The first prize won Yeranuhi Margaryan:

26- Today is the city-cleaning day. The students cleaned the territory around the school and planted 17 trees:

27- With the presence of the veterans of world war II the winners of the Military Olimpiad got the awards:

28- The Bibil parables:

29- " The immortals order"
We remember and demand:

30- " 100 years' silence" an event devoted to the 100-th anniversary of Armenian Genoside. The orgnizer of the event was Anna Minasyan:

31-Goodbye to ABC book:

32-Congratulation to our director:

33-An event took place at school " We and our victories " devoted to May victories. Inna Davtyan, the chief of the Education board of Erebouni district, Mr. Sahakyan Military chief, chief of Military Unit Mr. Bagdasaryan, veterans, young Homland Defenders, soldiers participate in the event:

34- The history of Arkimed's discovery: