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1- This year too the school celebrated the new academic year.we have admitted about 190 first- year pupils. The director of school Nune Manukyan congratulated the children and their parents with the new academic year:

2-On 9-th of September took place the presentation of the book written by Lusine Abrahamyan
" The fairy world of letters " :

3-On 19-th of September took place the cermony of 50-th anniversary of our school with the participation of our
graduator's and teachers our school choir and dancing ensamble " Erebouni " :

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4-On 21-th of September took place the competition of chalk paintings and pictures devoted to the Independence Day Of Armenia and the Peace Day established by UNO with the participation of United Nation

5-On 2-th of October took place the play " The Littel Prince " the producer was Naira Sahakyan:

6-On 17-th of October took place Republic competition - ceremony titled " Holy mass from child's lips " :

7-On 27.01.2010 took place an event called " power to your arms, soldier " with the participation of Gyane
Sarukhanyan, the chief of Yerevan City Council
's educational board, Muraz Sargsyan, Comanders of army and school directors:


8-On 2.02.2010 the festival of Patriotic song flamede again our school. Theevent was held for pupils from 1 - 11 forms:

9-On 19.02.2010 the choir of our school took part in the week of " Mother language":

10-April's famoused with happy events: