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1- This year our school opend it's hospitable doors for 216 first-class pupils:

2-On 5th and 6th of October an informative report on the theme “The Reasons of the Origin of Speech Disorders and their Prevention” took place for teachers and parents at school:


3-"We play chess" inter-class v chess competition:

4- Our school got a wonderful gift from our Persian friends hand-made silk portrait of Armen Hovhannesyan:

5- The children were looking forward to New year
                                              "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"

6- On 20.01.2011 took piace a lesson-event – “ We are the World”:

7- On 27.01.2011 took piace an interesting event “Power to your arms, soldier !”:

8- On 15 March 2011 by the opening ceremony “French sketches” began the days of Frankophonie in Yerevan.:

9- On 19 April 2011 took place a nice ceremony devoted to the holiday of St. Easter and blessing the children.:

10- Literary – musical lesson – event took place on 02. of May in 2011, devoted to Paruyr Sevak's 85th      anniversary with the Title “Again with us”.


11- On 14 May, 2011 took place colourful event of 1st class pupils “Farewell to ABC Book”. Each class was     represented with own emblame.Ararat, Army, Spring, School, Yerevan, Easter, Erebouni :


12- On 26 May took place the unforgettable event “The last lesson” of 9 grade students. Many nice and      exciting words were said to the teachers.
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