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1- Opening of 2011-2012 school year. Enterence of first class pupils:

2- On 09.09.2011 meeting with the chief of service of Emergency Situations of Erebouni region,Mr G. Vardanyan:

3- On 3 - 17.09.2011 took place "Let's keep our house- mother city of Yerevan clean" a month of volunteer     labour:

4- On 22.09.2011 took place "Armenia is me, you" school-party devoted to the Independence Day of Armenia:    

5- On 23.09.2011 took place the election of the headmaster of school 194 named after Armen Hovhannisyan.
   The council of school administration unanimously re-established Nune Manukyan as aheadmaster of school194:     

6- On 30.09.2011 took place "Let's keep Armenian language pure: school-party on Charent's themes. The     scientific worker of Charent's museum K. Khojoyan was present:    

7- On 12.10.2011 took place an event with the title " The soldier of twenty-year independence" at school. With     the participence of school 194 and the members of the organization "Young ddefender of the land":   

8- Lesson-show of letter A:  

9- On 12.11.2011 our school has it's small contibution by taking part in " Green Yerevan" program:

10- Days of Abovyan at our school:Seientific confenence by theme "Abovyan unknown absent" the guest was       Hovhannes Zatikyan:

11- On 28.01.2012 Our school joined to all congratulaions of the Foundation of Armenian Army. "Your hit intense,
      your soul powerful":

12- On 30.01.2012 the 1d form presented an open-lesson devoted to the 20-th anniversary of foundation of
      Armenian Army:

13- On 02.02.2012 "Safe internet day" open-lesson took place at our school from the computer classes:

14- On 15.02.2012 the elementary school took part in " Book's day" celebration:

15- On 21.02.2012 the school was celebrating the event " Mother language" and our guests were novelists
       Alice Hovhannisyan and Gohar Galstyan:

16- On 16.03.2012 a great event devoted to the days of Francophonie took place at our school:

17- On 02.04.2012 an English party took place at our school:

18- On 05.04.2012 the pupils of the second class presented the lesson about the animals:

19- On 21.04.2012 our visit to Tumanyan's home - museum:

20- -"Let's keep our house- mother city of Yerevan clean" :

21- On 25.04.2012 a party devoted to the victims of Genoside took place in our school:

22- 7 of 1-st class pupils "Farewell To ABC Book":

23- National Assambly cup championship:

24- 4-th class pupils organized a party where they said " Good-bye to their first teacher":

25- On 25 May took place the unforgettable event of 12 class students:
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26- unforgettable event “The last lesson” of 9 grade students. Many nice and exciting words were said to the      teachers.