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1- The day of Knowledge and schooling of our school.The start of september 1-st:

2- The Independence day at school 194:

3- The pupiles organize an event devoted to teacher's day " We respect our teachers" :

4- R. A. school chess 10-th olympiad started at our school:

5- Expecting warm winter let's clean our Yerevan .

6- An event devoted to Armenian national bread Lavash.

7- We,re congratulating our director for passing her exams successfully.

8- " Making salads" demonstrative lesson for kids.

9- Joyful mood in school 194.

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

10- "Armenian State Symbles" a seminar took place at school:

11- "Healty Generation Efficient Army" with this title was held sport went devoted to Armenian Army's 24-th anniversary:

12- We celebrated one of the religion events " Towerds our God":

13- Congratulations with love:

14- At our school took place the event "Presenting books" . The representative from institute of physical culture: Mary Tamrazyan presented methological book to our school:

15- At our school took place the events devoted to 147 anniversary of famous writer Hovhannes Tumanyan and the international day of Armenian language:

16- At school took place an event devoted to Armenian soldier:

17- 16 students of school 194 got "The best participants" award from "Meghuh" and the students from 4-th grade and 8-th grade Stepan Tigranyan and Rafael Hovhannisyan were awarded with special prize of "Meghuh":

18- Useing the smart Board provides the success of the lesson. At the same time it develops partner-work among the teachers of preparation of the lesson. and providing the skills and abilities of using computers: