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1- The day of Knowledge and schooling of our school.The start of september 1-st:

2- The Independence day at school 194:

3- " A " letter's presentation

4- We congratulate Mrs. Manukyan with a diploma of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia:

5- The pupils of our school took an active part in the city cleanup:

6- "All the roads bring us to Yerevan" party in four languages:

7- Open lesson named " Meals " was held :

8- " In the world of numbers " party from Mathematics:

9- On the first day of autumn the I class had a guest " Granny Autumn ". He brought a basket full of tasty and riek fruits. We thanked her with songs and poems, said good-bye to " Granny Autumn ". Now we are waiting for Santa Clous to come:

10- School N. 194 after Armen Hovhannisyan congratulates Nune Manugyan on her reelection as the director of the school and also for being rewarded the medal of the " Yeraserund Yerkrapah ": We wish her success and productivity in the honourable work of education of the young generation:

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas

11- An event devoted to the 25-th anniversary of Armenian Army. Many soldiers and guests took part in the event:

12- " The day of presenting books" The first " b " and " c " grade pupils congratulated each other. They also congratulate the school library and presented books:

13- The first grade pupil's mothers were asked to come to a meeting. But the aim of the meeting was something else. Childeren congratulated their Mother's Day and surprised them with their songs and speech:

14- The 3 b pupils congratulated Mothers day and spring in English:

15- Happy Easter-special celebration of the day: