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    Secondary school N 194 named after Armen Hovhannessyan was founded in 1959.
    In the past it was a secondary school N 73 named after Simak Sahagyan.It was with 10- year education. The school had 3 storied one building with 250 pupils.
    In 1969 the territory of school was expanded and the 2- nd and 3- rd buildings were built. The second building was 3 storied, but the 3- rd was storeied while was connecting the first and the second buildings. In the same time it was including the eremonial hall buffet and gymhall.
    Since 1973 the school became typical and was called Yerevan 1- st Extended-school Which excisted till 1983.
    In 1983 the typical from became secondary and was renamed Yerevan secondary school N 194 with 900 pupils.
    In 1999 the school was renamed " Armen Hovhannissyan " who was freedom-fighter.
    In 2006 the school was included in " Lince Foundation school-building program.In 2007 after detailed study began the reconstructing work. In 2008 the building has been completely reconstructed and became unrecognizable satiated with all necessary conditions which will provide the best educational quality for more than 960 pupils:

  194 school Completely has been innovated the school furniture, has got new equipments method, cabinets, and has classed that one furnished due to age pecetiarities.There is a class, which is replenished with new computers which gives a wonderful opportunity for pulils to recieve education with new methods and provides knoledge due to educational standards. The has been refreshed the library structure has been changed, and bupplied with computers which give the pupils and teachers to use interenet. The internet promptes to improve professional stills and experience and for the pupils it's a fine chance to learn the progress of the modern new technologies.
The newly reconstructed and expecting the pupils in the new school-year that will provied the corect development and bringing up the pupils.
The newly opened proviides the improvement of profeshional stills and experience of our teachers where not only seminars or different meetings are foreseen to be organized, but also lessons and discussions with interactive method films an different topics discussions that will help to calve many school problems and to teach the pupils to learn.
In newly opened the history of our school and city is introduced, in the part of museum separated for freedom-fighters of our school-graduators is introduced the story of their life, their personal thing.
Since the day of foundation of our school has got such teachers that brought up and taught a generation of pupils that became important figures for our socity. New many graduaters of our school hav got an opportunity to recieve their education in such school that compltely provids the realization of new teaching methods, which of course will improve the educational quality and will provide the society with educated and many-sided developed people.